Wedding photographer lake Como

Wedding photographer lake Como. How we work

wedding_1We carry out with full care all the services we are requested to do, working with discretion and without disturbing the ceremony. Our photographic style is creative and modern; we try to photograph everything in a natural way and without forcing it. In post-production we handle all the photos selected for printing individually, in order to make them perfect, balancing colours, removing defects, adding effects (on customer request), choosing the best moments of your day. We follow the ceremony comprehensively, starting from the preparations at the bride’s home, trying to capture every single moment, every emotion, every instant, in order to include the whole work in a wonderful photo album.
It’s also possible to set up a photographic set on site to take really special photos (this is at discretion of the customer/optional).

How it works

First we arrange an appointment at our studio in Varese during which we discuss your requirements and give an estimate fee; you will have the possibility to see samples and previous photos taken by us. Then we will give you some brochures where you can find different types of albums, the parents’ albums, possible covers and any possible extra services (wedding box, calendar, mini books for friends and much more) so that you can make a more personalized choice. Lastly we will prepare for you a final estimate.
Once you have made your choice we will sign a contract; we will undertake to meet the delivery times and especially the price, which will not undergo any change so that you won’t have any unwelcome surprises.
Later it will be essential for the success of the service to see all the places where the wedding will take place, such as the bride’s house, the church and the place where the bride and groom will receive guests and relatives in order to find the ideal locations to take the photos. The survey, if possible, should take place at the same hours of the wedding day, in order to have a precise idea of the light.

Why a professional?

The choice of the photographer for the wedding is a choice you should not underestimate; choosing a professional will certainly guarantee you a high quality product. From the contact with the customer to the shooting phase, from the layout of the album to the postproduction of photographs, all the work will be carried out by skilled and qualified people, who, above all, have been doing it as a job for years and live for photography.
Recognizing professional photographers is simple:

• In their website there should be a VAT registration number
• Look if the photographer is registered to any association; generally associations (such as the TAU Visual) only allow t those who have a VAT number to enroll
• Any prizes or awards should be visible on the website of the photographer
• Do you still have doubts about why you should choose a professional? Watch this video.
• Did you find “low cost” photographers who promise you big things at very low prices ? Look, instead, at this video.

Whether you choose us or other photographers, our advice is to always choose a professional: it’s worth the money you spend. All the others are working illegally, as a second job or hobby, so a word to the wise…

wedding_2Personal online webpage

One of the unique features of our service is the personal webpage for customers; once the contract is signed you will be given access credentials with which you can access a restricted area of the site where you can download the pdf contract and the pdf invoice, personally view the samples online and eventually see the status of your order in real-time.

• Order status in real time
• Invoice pdf
• Online Proofing
• Album editing


How do you take photos at the wedding?
Reportage or traditional style, your choice.
Do you only work around Como and in the province?
No, we work all over Italy and also abroad.
How many photos do you take during the wedding?
There is not an exact number.
Who chooses the photos for the album?
Generally we choose the photos for the album because we want to give the best product to the couple; obviously you can ask for changes / or additional photos.
Which kind of payment do you accept?
Cash, bank transfer, checks and from 2013 also credit and debit cards* personally in our photo studio.
Is it possible to have a DVD with all the photos taken?
All the photos belong by law to the author who undertakes to guard it carefully and do reprints requested by the customer (art.98 law 633 of 22.04.1941 and according to the judgment of the Court of Cassation No. 4094 of 06.28.1980). We give to the couple always a dvd with all pictures.

Type of albums


We have a wide selection of albums and covers of all price categories.

Format of the album


Paper quality:

• Opaque photographic paper
• Metal paper

Type of covers

• Leatheralbo
• Eco-leather (with different printing motifs)
• Eco-leather with Swarovski
• Suede
• Soft leather
• Linen
• Textile covered with sequins
• Glittering textile
• Textile with relief elements (roses etc)
• Shantung
• Eco fur coat (looks like mink fur)
• Plexiglass
• Metal
• Alcantara

Where do we carry out our work?

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Manuel Eletto is a photographer registered to the National Association of Professional Photographers, he is a member of the selected group of professionals Nikon (Nikon NPS) and a featured photographer on italian website “”.